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Gift Ideas For Kids and Cat Lovers

Posted on February 7, 2017 at 9:45 AM

For cat lovers ... who have allergies, who can't violate their lease agreement, who can't afford a pet, ... for whatever reason ... here is a reasonable substitute.  Enjoy these life-like stuffed animals.  Inexpensive, comforting, and adorable.

(Example of selection.  Much more to choose from.  Prices may have changed modestly.)


Stuffed Ragdoll Cat

Price: $40.95

A BIG soft Ragdoll Cat ready for a cuddle from Folkmanis Puppets. 28 Inches Long.

Stuffed Himalayan Cat

Price: $21.95

Tasha is a cuddly soft life-like plush Himalayan cat from Douglas. 16 Inches Long.

Stuffed Cat

Price: $15.95

Pumpkin Persian Kitten. Fine plush and exquisite detail from the Aurora Nature Babies Collection. 12 Inches Sitting.

Stuffed Persian Cat

Price: $13.95

Cindy White Persian. Cuddly soft plush from the Aurora Flopsie collection. 12 Inches Long.


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